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I need sleep!

 For quite some time I've been having trouble getting and staying asleep at nights.  I used to tell myself that I was a night owl and would stay up late watching television while catching "cat-naps" during the commercials in the big green lazy-boy lounger in my living room.  But now-a-days I've come to the conclusion that I am an insomniac and I need to find a way to break this very bad habit because it is taking its toll on my physical body..
 Todays' writer's block question is, "Do you believe that some people are luckier then others or do you believe that people make their own luck?"
People make their own luck.  Luck is your attitude toward life and remembering to treat other people the same way that you want them to treat you and that is like a valuable gem that needs to be treasured.  When we remember to treat each other with love and respect on a daily basis then good things come to you naturally as if your a magnet for all things positive.


I just spent the better part of the day writing an answer to the writers block question, "do you believe in the concept of a soulmate" and I lost the entire essay.  I had three lucid paragraphs written out and when I went to post the entry I mistakenly hit the wrong key and **poof** by, by goes the whole essay, never to be found again because its gone to cyberspace limbo.  Do you know how frustrating that is?

Early Morning the peaceful quiet time.

Its the middle of the night here on the West Coast. A time when most people are sound asleep in their beds, except for me.  Is this insomnia? Maybe.  I just know that I am frequently awake during this time of the morning enjoying the solitude while the rest of the family is tucked away sleeping in their beds.

This is also the time of day when you hear the least amount of noise from outside of the house.  Living in a city and being very near some of the major roadways for this area I am constantly listening to street traffic but now everything is quiet except for a random car passing by.  The noise disrupts the solitude for a few moments, then all is quiet once again and I am alone with my thoughts.

Writer's Block: Airplane reading

If you're going on a long plane or road trip, what sort of reading materials do you bring along? Is it different from what you usually read? Will you watch a trashy movie or read a bad novel or magazines just to pass the time?

</td></tr></tbody></table> Since I enjoy reading works from all the wonderful fan fiction writers who post their work on web sites like MediaMinor.org, FanFiction.net, and AnimeSpiral.com:  Although fun to read, these stories are usually light hearted fluff and while away the hours that I should be using to much more constructively like... cleaning the house.  When I travel the reading material that I prefer to bring along with me is one of the non-fiction books that I've accumulated over the years and bought because the title sounded interesting like the present one that I'm plodding through entitled, 'Did Man Create God?' by David E. Comings, M.D.. So you see, I leave the light-hearted fluff for when I'm at home and save the heavy reading for when I travel.

Writer's Block: Road Trip

When was the last time you drove out of town?

Oh what an easy question to answer:  The last time I drove out of town was on April 12, 2008 and I headed north on Interstate 5 to visit my son.  On this day I finally fulfilled an ambition of mine to drive to the lovely city of Seattle, Washington.


This is a test to see if I have this set up.


I pity the innocent bystander that crosses my path today; I woke up snarling and growling this morning.  My body hurts! 

Time to post.

Okay, its been almost one year since I've last posted anything on this journal so lets consider this my yearly contribution to LJ and my reason for continuing as a paid member.

Time for change...

Time to change the look on my journal. So what do you think of my boring choices?