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Mudslides, anime and plays...

I celebrated my 50th birthday on March 27th and decided it was time to do something stupid; I tried to get toasted with a friend and watch anime. Using the excuse that I wanted to get rid of the bottle of vodka that I'd bought two Christmases ago I decided it would be different if I first tried the Japanese restaurant Kobe, then come home and drink myself senseless with Mudslides while watching the anime series 'Full Metal Panic'. After consuming 3 1/2 14oz glasses I was still surprisingly sober at midnight, but the friend who chose to join me for this little party got toasted. It's a good thing that she didn't drive and had her husband pick her up!

On another note...the play that I'm working on will be wrapping up on Sunday. Its a good thing that the productions I've been working on are short runs, because after listening to the dialog over and over again tends to drive me up a wall.

Look at the pretty...

I was oogling the Cingular website and drooling over all the fun new phones that are availabe for purchase. The're some fun phones out waiting for me to purchase them but its just too bad that I hate talking on phones and my cell is usually turned off: still the phones were fun to look at.


I have got to stop staying up late reading stupid fanfiction. My body hurts from sitting in front of a computer screen for hours on end and I have a headache because I've only had five hours sleep. Big groan since I can't go in and take a nap until after I take hubby to the airport around noontime.

Removing the kinks...ugh!

Big owwie today after jumping out of bed at 7:00 this morning. Body is feeling very stiff and the stretches that I just did aren't helping.

::I'm feeling so old::

In other news...I finished crewing for Carmen last weekend and even though I've concluded that actors are like big children who need us prop managers to keep track of their things; I did have a lot of fun. I had forgotten how much I enjoy being behind the scene in a supporting part helping to create something magical, so I am now looking into other theater groups to volunteer for stage crew.

Okay, enough of this it is time to get back to the exercises and my tai chi. Bye for now.

Observations from Stage Left...

For the past two weeks I've volunteered as a member of the stage crew for one of the local theater companies in the SF bay area and following are some of the conclusion that I've come to while watching the actors from stage left wing. Many actors in this company are rude and thoughtless to their fellow performers. The company that I am presently working with is supposed to be a professional opera company with a cast of "professional performers" but you would never know it from the way they behave back stage. These people gather in the wings and carry on conversations just slightly above a whisper, parody the action on stage, some stomp off stage when heading to the green room and there are still some that let the fire door slam when exiting after a scene.

I know that I'm an amateur and my experience is limited to doing community college theater but I was taught that sound carries and whispers are heard out in the audience. It amazes me that these adults either don't pay attention to that rule or is it that they couldn't care less. Then again, I'm wondering if they are relying on they music and singing to cover the sound of their voices? Someone with more experience needs to answer that question, because it is pretty sad when the children in our cast behave better then the adults.

Watching those people who are waiting in the wings make fun of the performers on stage has me shaking my head at your childishness. My mother always said it was rude and insulting to make fun of other people; I'm beginning to think these folk might have missed that lesson or that no one had every told them how hurtful such actions can be. Tsk, tsk folks: behave like the adults that you are...okay.

If whisper carry from back stage then I wonder what the audience hears' when some of the actors stomp off stage. If I am sitting right there and you sound like a herd of elephants passing through the theater than I could only imagine that the people in the audience must think that the off stage animal sounds must be part of the scene, (which is strange since there are no animals in the opera Carmen). Anyway, most of the actors have paid attention to my hints to tip toe or watch their footing when entering and exiting the stage but there are still those hold outs that make me feel that I am engaged in a power struggle with a child...people! I'm not your parent and I'd think that you'd show some courtesy for your fellow performers when entering and exiting the stage. Would you want them interrupting your performance with your loud foot steps?

Finally we come to the fire door on stage left. Academically I know the reason for why the door is heavy and needs to seal tight when closed. Or why we can't doctor it to inhibit the sound of the door closing, so the only option left is to hold the door and not let it slam shut. One would think that a simple common sense solution wouldn't stress most peoples' intellect but it seems I have too high a regard for human intelligence and cringe every time they let the door slam. My function is to keep track of props, set the leg and traveler curtains, assist with the scene changes; no where in my job description does it say that I'm a doorman too!

Hm, this little essay has turned from an object list of watching the actors behavior back stage to a partial rant but that's okay since no one every reads this journal but me. I will end this by saying that I have observed that actor's would be lost without us stagehands to pickup after them, keep track of their props, and occasionally discipline them when their behavior interferes with the performance on stage. I'm not stage crew, the reality is I'm a stage mom to a bunch of adults.
If you care about someone and appreciate having that person in your life take the time to let them know. Everybody always likes hearing the words, "I appreciate all that you do for me and I am very happy that you are a part of my life."
It has been a long time since I've put any entries in this journal, so I thought tonight would be a good time to update this log....

Some family members think I'm nuts because I like taking yearly cross country road trips. They look at that type of venture as being long, tedious and boring especially since I enjoy taking these trips alone. They don't realize that I find these adventures to be very liberating and that they give me opportunity to witness many beautiful and glorious things along the road. There is nothing as spectacular as cresting the hill on interstate 80 going east past Wells, Nv. and witnessing the beauty of an early evening as the sun sinks in the sky and is reflected off the rocks of the surrounding desert mountains. Or the interesting names for some of the towns that you find along the highway, like Sidney, Nebraska. Small things like these are events that Iwould have never experienced if I was sitting in a plane flying 30,000 miles up in the sky.

Spiral pics!

I found some nice avatars on the Spiral web site. Aren't they sweet?

Sanzo pic

This was a test linking my photobucket account to my lj. Isn't he handsome?

Stupid laptop!

My laptop has become the computer from hell. I just updated my money program and now it says that I don't have a zip disk in when I'm staring at the stupid light and the back an inserted disk! Too bad I can't take a sledge hammer to the damn machine, but even more then that I want to track down the thief that ripped me off of $490 for supposedly fixing it last April. I never saw any change and all the problems that were there when it was sent out, were still there when he returned it. I'm glad his state got hit with all those hurricanes last year, lets hope he went out of business because of it!